Gallerielz is a small privately owned gallery operated by the artist herself. It all started as a hobby, and then it became a passion. That passion has grown over the years and is now a fully integrated part of my life. 
You are always welcome to contact me for questions or specific requests. I love painting on request as it is an inspiring challenge to live up to an idea from a customer. So please feel free to come with specific requirements and I am always open to discuss suggestions and wishes.

Examples of prices
Size 20x20cm
 500 kr
Size 50x50cm 2500 kr
Size 60x80cm 3500 kr
Size 100x100cm 4900kr
2019- Galleri Krebsen
2018-Gentofte Town Hall
2018-Maersk Esplanaden
2016-Springbanen- Gentofte
2015-Mark Information A/S
2014-Gentofte Malenetværk
2013-Miller Art
2013-Dysegaard Library
2012-Gentoftegade Library
2012-Gentofte Cinema Gallery
Elzbieta Christiansen  | Tlf.: +45 26 11 05 30 | elzbieta_c@hotmail.com